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Medical Equipment

As a full service pharmacy, Poole’s Pharmacy Care carries a complete line of Home Medical Equipment. All of our products are specifically designed to meet your exact needs.

Lift Chairs

chair-liftOur Line of Lift Chairs lets you choose your fabric and chair style so it better fits your home. Stop by one of our stores today and let our DME Specialist show you all the beautiful fabrics and designs we have available. With optional features such as heat and massage your sure to find a chair that meets your needs.


wheelchairAll of our mobility aids were designed to fit you and your needs. Our Walkers and Rollators are adjustable to fit your height; Crutches come in adjustable sizes from children’s to tall adult, we stock a large assortment of Canes from the classic wooden to designer styles, as well Quad Canes. Our Wheelchairs come in a variety of models and colors. All of our mobility aids can be customized to fit your specific requirements; whether you need a basket for your walker or elevated leg rest for your wheelchair one stop will take care of all your needs.


bracesWe stock a wide range of orthotic braces to meet your every need whether that be carpel tunnel, ankle sprain or knee problems. Each brace has been specifically designed to provide you with the best support and relief available. Our staff is ready to assist you to ensure you get the brace you need with the best fit available.

Bathroom Safety Items

bathroom-aidsWhen it comes to accidents in the home the bathroom is by far the most dangerous place. Check out our selection of bathroom safety items. Our grab bars come in lengths from 12 inches up to 32 inches. If a elevated toilet seat is what you are looking for we carry locking elevated toilet seats with or without arms. Perhaps you’re looking for a slip resistant mats, shower stools or a transfer bench. With our bath safety items you can transform your bathroom into a secure, slip resistant environment. Our staff has been professionally trained and is ready to assist you and ensure that the Home Medical Equipment you receive is exactly what you need.

Respiratory Aids

respiratoryWe offer a full line of CPAP and BIPAP therapy supplies. Our machines and humidifiers are made by Respironics and Resmed, two of the top CPAP manufacturers around. We offer a wide variety of CPAP masks with many full face and nasal mask options. This will help assure you get the comfort you need to get a good nights sleep. Our Respiratory Therapists are licensed and trained, and they have years of experience in helping people successfully improve there respitory health.